Moon Glyph releases free new compilation, Opal Vol. I & II

Moon Glyph releases free new compilation, Opal Vol. I & II

Even though Steve Rosborough has moved his eclectically awesome indie record label, Moon Glyph, from Minneapolis to Oakland, that doesn't mean that the cassette/vinyl only imprint will quit focusing on Twin Cities bands. And, as if to prove Rosborough's continuing dedication to the local bands who have helped make Moon Glyph what it is today (and certainly introduce West Coasters to some terrific young Minneapolis bands), the label has just released a free two-volume compilation entitled Opal Vol. I & II.

The free 26-song, two-hour + collection features new, exclusive contributions from plenty of idiosyncratic Twin Cities groups like Brute Heart, Velvet Davenport, Magic Castles, Food Pyramid, and Beat Detectives, as well as plenty of other unconventional outfits from across the country.

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Moon Glyph has also debuted a brand new website as well, to make browsing and shopping for their consistently great music that much easier. And while we're definitely sad to see Moon Glyph leave our fair city, hopefully the move to California will be a good one for the label, and for their stellar roster of bands as well.

Opal Vol. I & II is a follow-up of sorts to Moon Glyphs' fantastic Twin-Cities focused Regolith Vol. 1 compilation which was released in 2010. And this distinctive new collection should go a long way towards spreading the spotlight on Moon Glyph and their ever-expanding compendium of bands. So, download Opal Vol. I & II straight away, and discover just why Moon Glyph has garnered such a passionate and dedicated following over the years.

And if you're still unsure of committing, give a listen to Food Pyramid's dynamic contribution to the compilation, "Birthday Money," here.

Here's the full tracklisting for Opal Vol. I & II:

Opal Vol.I
1. Tara King th - "Hidden Jack"
2. The New Lines - "The Fishtown Mathematician"
3. Velvet Davenport - "Dark"
4. Halasan Bazar - "Everybody Dies"
5. Non-Travellin' Band - "A Midnight Ride"
6. Brute Heart - "Sonambulist"
7. Samantha Glass - "Shifting Worlds"
8. The Garment District - "When Raven Claws the Sky"
9. Magic Castles - "Sky Sounds"
10. Clipd Beaks - "This Is Dusk"
11. FWY! - "Savage Heat"
12. Wume - Untitled
13. Deep Earth - "It Stands Our Mother"
14. Muscle Drum - "At Will / At Fault"
15. Food Pyramid - "Birthday Money"

Opal Vol.II
1. Treasure Hunt - "Skinny Parrot"
2. Matthewdavid & Diva - "Diva's Thumb Piano"
3. Deep Magic - Untitled
4. M. Sage - "Illusory Promenade"
5. Zomes - "Metacenter"
6. Meadowlands - "MTTam"
7. Beyond - "The Commune"
8. Angel Eyes - "B/M/E/"
9. Beat Detectives - "One Speck"
10. Million Brazilians - "Dyngia Nomad"
11. Future Shuttle - "The Silver Line"

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