Moon Glyph profiled by Pitchfork's DIY-heavy site Altered Zones


Score one for local vinyl and cassette tape label Moon Glyph: the one-man operation was profiled today in Altered Zones, Pitchfork's offshoot site that delves into underground and DIY scenes. In addition to explaining his reasons for starting the label and how he selects the eclectic bands he works with, label head Steve Rosborough shined a spotlight on the Twin Cities with his reflections on the scene:

[jump] "It was particularly easy to establish because of the breadth and variety in the Minneapolis scene right now," Rosborough told Altered Zones. "It's always been really impressive to me. This is something I never would have been aware of, even though I've been living in the Midwest my whole life. It was a shock to me how many bands in town were trying totally different things, but really weren't getting exposure out of the city much at all."

Rosborough also talks about discovering Velvet Davenport, releasing music on cassette vs. vinyl and digital, and how his day job at the Electric Fetus has helped shape his label.

Read the full interview here.