Moon Glyph, Patches & Gretchen, Dark Dark Dark featured in this week's City Pages

Velvet Davenport

Velvet Davenport

We've got a lot of great local music content available for you in the print edition this week -- and lucky for all you pulpuslaceratapohobics out there, you don't have to pick up a hard copy of the paper to read it. Check out the articles from this week's paper below.

Moon Glyph label is championing the return of the cassette

By Erin Roof

A local label is returning to analog -- and unlike many audiophiles who favor vinyl, Moon Glyph founder Steve Rosborough says that cassettes are the way to go. His label has already put out cassette releases by locals like Velvet Davenport, Dante & the Lobster, and Daughters of the Sun.

Hiromi returns to the Dakota to dazzle with her piano mastery

By Andrea Swensson

We caught up with the globe-trotting piano phenom Hiromi prior to her two-night stand at the Dakota next Monday and Tuesday to talk about life on the road, adjusting to a new piano every night, and why she's excited to return to the Minneapolis venue.

EP Review: Dark Dark Dark, Bright Bright Bright

By Erik Thompson

The local quartet has blossomed to six members and developed a new, more hearty sound on their latest EP, which reviewer Erik Thompson says is "a reflection of a more sanguine, auspicious direction for the band, with the group confidently expanding their sound and scope."

CD Review: Patches & Gretchen, Sugar Head Pie

By Michelle Leon

Prolific local freak-folk songwriter Gretchen Seichrist prepares to unleash her sophomore album next weekend, which reviewer Michelle Leon calls "stunning in its scope and beauty, continually revealing and dazzling."

5ingles: The Songs We Can't Escape

By Ray Cummings

Spending some time with the latest singles by Clipd Beaks, Morning Foam, Gigi feat. Zac Pennington, and more.

Critics' Picks

By Gimme Noise staff

We preview the best shows to see this week, including the English Beat, Solid Gold's pair of EP-release shows, and the Are You Local? SXSW Send-off showcase.