Molly Ivins R.I.P.

class=img_thumbleft>Among other things, liberal syndicated columnist Molly Ivins (remembered in

the Progressive

, the

Star Tribune

, and

the Nation

) was the first female police-beat reporter in the Twin Cities when she went to work for the Minneapolis Tribune in the late '60s (the Minneapolis police force named its mascot pig after her, which Ivins counted as one of her greatest honors). She went on to write a column for the Tribune called Movements for Social Change (why don't they bring that back?). Here's her

final column

, and a

2003 video

of Ivins on a panel with Al Franken and Bill O'Reilly in 2003--not quite lively until the end (anyone have better stuff to post?). Random favorite Ivins quote: "I am not anti-gun, I'm pro-knife."

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