Modern Radio launches Twitter feed


Is there nothing Tom Loftus can't do?

Through his esteemed local label Modern Radio (which has, in addition to a healthy stable of local artists, accrued respectable national appeal, having released work by Portland folkstress Mirah and San Fran noise rockers Deerhoof), the little label that could has had a galvanizing (and occasionally polarizing) effect on the music community through its message board, where scenesters and gadflies of every stripe take each other to task over the most minute disagreements (Joaquin Phoenix's acting retirement? Best vegan cupcake recipes? It's all there, and liable to burst into flames at a moment's notice).

With the launch of their new Twitter account, one need not sift through the seemingly endless crawl of threads on the message board to find the stuff that might really have an impact on your ears and your spirit.

Most recent on the list? The stellar tri-city collaboration FT (The Shadow Government) is streaming an enigmatic new music video for Piles of Money. Watch and be stymied.

It's been a big winter for Modern Radio, with a big spring on the way, as a U.S. tour by Vampire Hands gets ready to put the rubber down, and Picked to Click winner His Mischief ready to release their hotly anticipated full-length The Perfect Lover in March.

Spring is always a time for renewed activity. SXSW, tours, new releases, break ups and reunions-- it can all be a bit much to take in without Charon to row the boat. But keeping one eye on a twitter account is a more scalable task. It's like the Ritz Bitz of info-- one bite and you're ready to go.