Modern Radio announces 10 year anniversary shows


Has it already been 10 years? Was it really a decade ago that this Gimme Noise correspondent was being sneaked into the Turf Club, hiding his underage visage behind a bass drum, to see Malachi Constant?

Indeed it has. And today on Modern Radio's website, the label announced its celebratory plans for its 10 year anniversary. Head below the jump for details.

The festivities begin at the turf Club, and rightly so--the Saint Paul club has been the staging ground for every notable maneuver in almost every notable local band's career in the 10 years that Modern Radio has been active. On Friday, January 22, Daughters of the Sun and the Chambermaids will split a bill on the main stage, while His Mischief's Sheridan Fox will pitch woo at the Clown Loungers downstairs.

But the main event happens the following night, on Saturday, January 23, when Modern Radio takes over the Cedar Cultural Center. There, the STNNNG, Skoal Kodiak, and Vampire Hands will open for a one time only reunion of Plastic Constellations, the fabled local act long thought inactive.

Modern Radio has a penchant for bringing together the best and most inspiring in our local music pantheon. They did this just a couple years ago when they took over the turf with reunions of Cave Deaths, Malachi Constant, and Grotto. The show was sold out by 9:30, and not a soul left the place until bar close, proof that their formula will last them into the next decade.

More details on Modern Radio's anniversary plans as they trickle out.