MN Folk: Big in Madrid?

I meant to post this awhile ago, but over on MNSpeak, local illustrator and occasional Electric Arc Radio Show performer Andy Sturdevant pointed out that some crazy cool Spanish art mag wrote up a big feature on Minnesota's current folk scene. Roma di Luna, Meg Ashling, the Floorbirds (who?) and Mike Gunther were all written about in a piece that begins on page 20 of the January 2008 issue. You can download a PDF of the whole thing on the Calle 20 website.


The press came as a surprise to some of the artists highlighted--"I didn't know anything about the article. They procured the photos through the Dutch Label that released our last record, Rosa Records. It was a cool article, though," Gunther wrote in an email. It's kind of awesome that Spanish people, who are better than us because they have mad scientist chefs and lunatic architecture and tapas and also got the Mexicans to speak their language even though we live right next door, have found something to admire over here! Okay France, now you say something about our scene that you like.

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