MMAs Have Moved to March

Hey, what happened to the 2007 Minnesota Music Awards? Last year's were held on October 1, and hosted by Brian Oake and Mary Lucia at First avenue, when the whole shebang seemed to have regained what cred it lost from previous years' balloting mishaps and far-flung venues. Turns out the 27th Annual MMA's have moved to March of 2008--March 2, tentatively--under new Minnesota Music Academy president Lance Cunningham, a former VP for the academy who runs the Minneapolis-based Somnio Artist Group label (Far From Falling, A Verse Unsung).

"We moved back the award show to be more in sync with the calendar year," says Cunningham, who adds that nominations will be taken for anything Minnesotan from between mid-August of last year through December 2007. The only probable losers in this scenario, considering timetable confusion: Bands that released albums in mid-August of last year. Does Mark Mallman's last one count? Reached for comment, Mallman couldn't remember what month it was released.