Missed Target Field's Prince umbrella giveaway? Get price-gouged on eBay!

It's clever because of Prince's popular 1984 song "Purple Rain," you see.

It's clever because of Prince's popular 1984 song "Purple Rain," you see.

June 16 was Prince night at Target Field, which entailed a handful of things: Twins players sported purple during batting practice; Prince jams boomed throughout the 8-1 loss to Cleveland; the team donated $10,000 to the Minnesota Public Schools for music education.

We can safely say Prince -- a noted music guy and a noted charity guy -- would have approved of the latter. 

The biggest talker, though, was the pre-game giveaway of Prince-themed umbrellas to the first 10,000 fans. The late Minnesota superstar behind Purple Rain -- in umbrella-form!? Marketing genius. In addition to projecting fandom while repelling water, the memorabilia contributed to touching stadium visuals. Consider this sweet GIF: 

But marketing genius makes perfect bedfellows with malignant capitalism, thus a Prince umbrella after-market quickly emerged on eBay. 

The purple bloodletting has most umbrellas going for around $150. Dozens are available

"Very, very nice umbrella," reads one listing's description. Nice. 

Another listing swings for the fences, so to speak. 

"Prince Umbrella ... I need $38,000 to pay off my student loan debt" states the header. The starting bid? $25,000. At press time, the umbrella had received zero bids.

So there you have it: Folks love Prince, seem to like umbrellas, and are targets for free-market vultures. 

In conclusion, here's Rihanna -- noted singer of songs about umbrellas -- with a Prince tribute: