Misanthropology: Dave Mustaine

Misanthropology: Dave Mustaine

He's the frowny guy on the far right-- Dave Mustaine in Megdeath.

Okay, all right. Mustaine's boot from Metallica in 1983 does go down as one of the most famously unceremonious firings in the history of rock and roll. To be driven from L.A. to New York on the pretense of recording a new album, only to find your replacement at the station with flying V in hand and all your gear tidily stowed on a Greyhound bound back to California? Ice cold.

But the remainder of Mustaine's career has simply been a painfully long exercise in wrath and bitter revenge that would put Medea to shame. And with his eternal squabbling with collaborators and competitors, Mustaine has murdered plenty of his own children out of sheer scorn (figuratively speaking, natch).

Click below the jump, good readers, and spare us not your outraged fumings. Gimme Noise, without a shred of trepidation, presents 4 solid reasons to roll your eyes at Dave Mustaine.

Mustaine on the fine art of fucking Kirk Hammett's girlfriend.

1. Incessant Whining-- The wrathful metal man has made a bigger name for himself as an insatiable diva who than as a guitar virtuoso, and his incessant whining knows no bounds. Kirk Hammett? James Hetfield? Former Megadeth mate David Ellifson? Slayer? Pantera? The U.N.? There's virtually no metal figure many times Mustaine's own fame and talent that he's failed to offend. We get it, Mustaine-- there's a hole in your soul, and you've filled it with vitriol. But we kinda thought you'd shut up a little bit after you stopped drinking.

2. Mustaine v. the United Nations-- His quote about the U.N.'s slow reaction time to various humanitarian crises says it all. "I was watching TV and saw the trucks that said UN on them and said, 'Man, you are so uncool, ineffective, anything.' I thought, 'Wow, I've got to run with this. I got it - 'United Abominations,' because it's an abomination what they're doing.'" Take that, Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

3. The last 15 years of Megadeth-- Talk about a Countdown to Extinction. Hey-- Metallica had its dark days, but at least you could see well enough to find your way back out. 

4. That fucking voice-- Make up your mind, Dave-- Grover or Elmo? Whichever muppet Mustaine emulates in a given song, you can practically smell the affectation wafting like a freshly cut Limburger.

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