Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are gettin' hitched

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are gettin' hitched
Photo by Nikki Miller

Nashville has flooded, the incomparable Doc Watson is playing a sold-out show at the Cedar on Saturday night, and 7th-grade Nikki's favorite band ever, Brooks & Dunn, are bringing their farewell tour to the Xcel on Friday (with Jason Aldean, who'll likely treat us to his weirdo country love song "Big Green Tractor," opening the show). Country artist (and Brad Paisley ex-girlfriend) Chely Wright became one of the few country artists to come out of the closet last week (we're waiting, Kenny Chesney... just kidding!), and is being touted as "the only gay country artist." The only. Ever. Right. And Country Music Television, which still actually plays music videos sometimes, announced its video award nominations on Tuesday and yes, Kid Rock is hosting, and yes, that awful Toby Keith video was nominated.

But what's got me goin' OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG and texting my friends and loved ones with the big news? What's bigger than natural disaster? Flooding at the Ryman? Bigger than "Boot Scootin' Boogie?" Bigger than gays in the country?

OMG Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are engaged!

Yeah, shut up. I'm excited about this. And I try not to ever type OMG unless it's, like, really, really warranted.

The couple, who have been dating for five years, are the only two in nu-country who I will in any sort of company and with 100% confidence say make music that is honest-to-goodness good. Miranda writes music about shootin' up and burnin' down unfaithful ex-boyfriends and Blake gets in fights with PETA on Twitter. How could I not love them?

Blake Shelton - The More I Drink
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The proposal - are you ready for this? - took place in the woods outside Miranda's Oklahoma home. And to celebrate? "We had a couple of Bacardi and Diet Sprites - in a Solo cup!" Oh, Miranda.

Visit the online version of the the big supermarket country rag Country Weekly to vote on the best location for their wedding : a church, on a beach, at home, in a treestand in the woods, or they should just elope.

You know how I voted.

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