MinniHaha: Roasting Justin Caesar


Pictured above is comedian Justin Caesar (center-left) with his cohorts in the comedy collective The Intellectual Delinquents. (From left to right: Shannon Thompson, Benny Quash and Tommy Thompson.) This Sunday night at Willy's in Coon Rapids, these men will turn on Justin Caesar; friends will become foes, and foes will be greatly amused as comics from across the Twin Cities gather for the annual comedians' roast.

They come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. For comics, love and hate are demonstrated in the same way: withering personal insults. Caesar is much-loved on the local scene, so it's bound to get ugly. The celebrated Friar's Club Roasts have grown stale since going public on Comedy Central; they're increasingly stagy and celebrity-centric. For some real meanness, come see what 15 professionally spiteful people can do when packed into a Coon Rapids hangout serving two-for-one domestic beers. What you miss in the in-jokes you'll more than make up for in sheer volume of verbal savagery. The very capable Scott Brady will serve as roastmaster.

The roast takes the spot of the weekly Willy's Sunday night comedy shows. The roasting will commence around 10 p.m., so when the Super Bowl is over, come to Willy's and see some real brutality.

The Roast of Justin Caesar, Sunday, February 1 at 10 p.m. at Willy's. 2501 Coon Rapids Blv., Coon Rapids. 21+. Free.