MinniHaha: Ralphie May is still standing

MinniHaha: Ralphie May is still standing

Ah, Spring, 2003. That pristine time was the comedy equivalent of September 10 -- nobody anticipated the horrors to come. But shortly thereafter the ground shook, the heavens rumbled, and NBC's Last Comic Standing was birthed like a screaming turd-baby from the puckered asshole of American culture. At long last, standup had a mediocrity competition to rival the various dubious musical-themed reality TV shows.

Is it cliché to pick on Last Comic? Sure, but it's cliché to note that host Jay Mohr is a douchebag; it's still true. Our main complaint would be that Twin Cities funnyman Dave Mordal was bested, season after season, by inferior talent. But the original gangsters of LCS bitching are fans of Ralphie May, the rotund comedian who wound up being the next-to-last comic standing in that inaugural joke-off. May will do a show at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center this Saturday. Was May robbed in 2003? Come see and decide for yourself.

Ralphie May, Saturday, April 4 at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center, 12600 Nicollet Avenue, Burnsville. $28.50. (952) 895-4680.

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