MinniHaha: Pee Your Pants Monthly at Bryant-Lake Bowl


What could be more romantic than Minneapolis in February? The streets are aglow with phlegm-tinted slush, the sloping freeway hillsides have shed their ivory coats to reveal mangy patches of dead grass, ladies are showing off their figures in their slightly-less-bulky pre-spring jackets, and the fellas have stopped wearing their ridiculous ear-flap hats. Take that, Paris. In the spirit of love, Twin Cities-style, the inimitable Dorkus Rainbowpants collective presents the latest installment of Pee Your Pants Monthly this Thursday at the Bryant-Lake Bowl.

Pee Your Pants Monthly is overseen by the formidable trio of comedians Eric Nigg and Bill Young and filmmaker Matt Olson. As the name implies, there's laughter to the point of garment soiling, and it goes down, oh, 12 or so times a year. And this week's lineup is particularly sharp. Acme mainstays Tim Harmston, Matt Fugate, Ben San Del, and Amber Preston will be on hand alongside Ben Wyle, Phoebe Bottoms, and the very capable Scott Brady. In addition to stand-up, the show will feature the savage structured improv of Villification Tennis, the Cities' only totally insult-driven improv show, and music by The Costanzas. Below is a short film by the Dorkus crew, plus a bonus clip of Brady's one-of-a-kind stand-up. (Note: The Brady clip might not be safe for work, unless you work with some particularly morbid longshoremen.)

Catch the experimental comedy and multimedia hijinx this Thursday, February 12 at 10 p.m. 21+. $7. Bryant Lake Bowl, 810 West Lake St., Minneapolis.