Minnesota Twins should pick a Bob Dylan song for a new anthem

Could the "boy" from the North Country be the answer for our drought? 
Could the "boy" from the North Country be the answer for our drought? 

Summer un-officially began this month as pitchers and catchers reported to Florida to mark the start of another season of trying to survive in Twins territory. Even though about 12 inches of snow covers Target Field, we can still daydream of April 1 when the skies will be blue, and Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau will be healthy.

The Twins shipped off and cut players to build for 2014 and onward. (And the Miguel Sano and Alex Meyer Please Hurry Up plan is in full effect now.) So while they are making adjustments, can we ask to change one more thing? The music.

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I know this isn't the first time music snobs like myself have written about this, but seriously. It's a major issue to the First Avenue regulars and Current listeners among the Twins' fan base. 
Prince flashes his eephus pitch.
Prince flashes his eephus pitch.
We have no qualms about the batters' walk-up music. It's pretty awesome to hear Danzig echo throughout the North Loop during the summer. But we have another issue in the Twins music department, which displays a lack of creativity and outright theft. It's getting embarrassing. 

Currently, we borrow a lot of classic songs and chants from other teams and ballparks. "Sweet Caroline" is a Fenway Park tradition, "Don't Stop Believin" is a Comerica Park -- and Tiger Stadium -- tradition. Not Bullseye Field. That would be like Detroit calling itself Hockeytown right? Ask a St. Paul or Roseau native about that one. 

Part of the game of baseball is the stadium experience, why else did you think we moved out of the Hefty Bag and into the limestone cathedral. We need our own anthem. So how about we use one of our own?

I would say Prince but we all know how well that worked out for the Vikings. Ouch. But it would be pretty cool to hear a homegrown royal's badass guitar riff rip through the speakers scaring away those imposter Royals from Kansas City. 

Brother Ali does have that hometown spirit, though.
Brother Ali does have that hometown spirit, though.

How about something from our homegrown talent pool of rappers? I mean I like to bump some Brother Ali while I work out but that "rap crap" might offend half the season ticket base. Besides "Room With a View" isn't exactly proud hometown homage like Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" you hear at Yankee Stadium.

Okay so how about Bob Dylan? "Like A Rolling Stone" is a bit too long at six-plus minutes, but just enough time for Glen Perkins to toss some warm up pitches. "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" is an undeniable sing-along, but that "Everybody must get stoned" line might not go over well in the family section. But could you imagine 35,000 people swaying along to the Nashville Skyline chestnut "Lay Lady Lay," which would be the most chill and romantic seventh inning stretch ever? Maybe that's a tad too sensitive for those already intoxicated at the Captain Morgan bar in left field, but it's a perfect time for that baseball scoreboard marriage proposal. 

Maybe we should adopt Dylan and "Lay Lady Lay" because baseball is a romantic game and our national pastime, just as Dylan is Minnesota's pastime.

 Whatever direction the music department makes or doesn't make -- Prince, Dylan, Steve Perry or sticking with "Red Solo Cup" -- as long as the crowd is singing along to a seventh inning Twins lead in October you can play whatever song you like. But could you please at least put the trees back in center field?

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