Minnesota named 10th best state for pop music contributions

Minnesota named 10th best state for pop music contributions
Lovingly borrowed from Complex.com

Lists of things are stock-in-trade for Complex Magazine. Tucked somewhere within the stream of 100 Hottest Women Right Now and 11 Tuxedos Kanye West Should Wear to His Wedding, we get a list that addresses how each state has provided music for our country. Minnesota is one of those states!

And so, Ranking the 50 States Based on Their Contribution to Popular Music goes to work with the help of three contributors facing a seemingly impossible task. Sure, you can make a case for New York defining hip hop and punk, but, but, but... So anyhow, there's some arguments to be had regarding where states near the top should actually place.

Star Tribune's Jon Bream has made his case for some obvious omissions on the Minnesota ballot, and he is correct that there were a ton of influential names left off. From the Trashmen, to Doomtree, to Lipps, Inc., to Semisonic, to the Andrews Sisters, to Owl City, almost any sort of music fan has a legitimate gripe about the names not named.

But if we really want to get after the folks in the Complex complex, let's cut Dave Bry a little slack. Last October, he did put the Land of 10,000 Lakes at the top of his list for the Awl. As for Daniel Margolis and Jack Erwin, what gives? So here is the Minnesota entry. And the introduction:

What music has come out of Minnesota is generally iconic. In fact, if we were judging solely based on the impact that a state's greatest native sons have had on American music (as opposed to taking into consideration broader, more abstract criteria like overall atmopshere, movements, scenes, etc.), there is a strong argument to be made for placing little ol' polite, unassuming, very, very cold Minnesota right up at the very top of this list.

Blast you, abstract criteria! Anyhow, read and leave passive-aggressive comments here.

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