Minnesota Musicians Survey 2013

Minnesota Musicians Survey 2013
Photo by Stacy Schwartz

Assumptions about the lives of musicians in Minnesota run rampant. Gimme Noise regularly hears that local performers are better suited to make a living here than in any other major city, but also many tales of ramen noodles, couch-surfing, and no health insurance. Which scenario is true? Well, probably both.

In any case, with tax season coming up, we thought it'd be a great time to launch the inaugural Minnesota Musicians Survey. Spurred by a recent Star Tribune article citing data from a 2005 study of all types of Minnesota artists, we thought we'd reach out and add some categories more in tune with musicians. Within, you can anonymously (or leave your name/band, if you wish) contribute to what we hope will be a series of reports on the real financial picture for local musicians.

Minnesota Musicians Survey 2013
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

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