Minnesota hero ‘tailpipe girl’ to appear on ‘Kimmel’ tonight

Tom Wold and Kaitlyn Strom: two great Minnesotans

Tom Wold and Kaitlyn Strom: two great Minnesotans Facebook

Jimmy Kimmel knows an American hero when he sees one.

That’s why tonight the late show host will interview Kaitlyn Strom, the 19-year-old Litchfield, Minnesota woman best known for getting her head stuck in a the tailpipe of a truck at the Winstock country music festival earlier this month.

Strom and Tom Wold, the truck’s owner, will be representing Minnesota on Jimmy Kimmel Live! live webcam from the Darwin Tavern (oh man, the jokes just write themselves) where the tailpipe has been placed on display. Now you know where to go for a drink after you've seen Darwin's other tourist attraction, the world's largest ball of twine. 

After video of Strom’s dilemma went viral, she pluckily responded "Yeah I’m the tail pipe girl whachu know about it?" on social media.

But the path to viral celebrity hasn't always been easy for Strom. Mean people have insulted her on the internet. The cops ticketed her for underage drinking. She was unjustly upstaged when some animal climbed a building.

But tonight, at 10:30 p.m. on ABC, Strom will get the recognition she deserves. And no matter what the future holds for Kaitlyn Strom, she will always be Minnesota’s Tailpipe Girl.