Minnehaha: Acme's Christmas comedy bailout

The coffers are empty, the cupboards are bare, the gas tank is dry, and there's a line of creditors and repo men snaking around the front porch that makes the house look like Disneyland for chiselers and white-collar pocket pickers. And you, you're an American, which means you're waiting for that big bailout from Santa. The seasonally strapped and perpetually poor alike need not go mirthless, however; this week Acme features not one but two nights of free entertainment.

Acme's Monday open mic night is almost absurdly talent-packed for a show that costs you nothing. Feature performers and headliners from the Twin Cities regularly appear to hone bits that will become the backbone of half-hour sets that will cost you later in the week. The pros, in fact, far outnumber the newbies suffering the labor pains of their first (or second or third) time on stage, so the wince-to-laugh ratio is exceptional not just for an open mic, but for most any comedy show. Due to the intrusion of the Christmas holiday on their regular schedule (thanks a lot, Jesus), the folks at Acme will do open mic all over again on Tuesday at the same unbeatable price.

Still not enough Acme, you say? Come back Friday or Saturday for what promises to be a spectacular showcase hosted by local hero Chad Daniels, who launched his career at the aforementioned Acme open mic nights before going on to become a nationally touring headliner with an impressive list of TV credits to his name. (See this week's A-List for more.)

So the schedule is Acme, Acme, Jesus' birthday party, Acme, Acme. Got that?

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