Minneapolis rapper Dodi Phy has died

Minneapolis rapper Dodi Phy has died

The Twin Cities hip-hop community is mourning the loss of rapper Dodi Phy (given name Mohamed Turay), who died at the age of 31 on February 21.

The Star Tribune's Chris Riemenschneider, in a poignant tribute to the fallen MC, reports that Turay committed suicide following a lengthy battle with depression, leaving behind two young sons, Jabarri and Khalil.

Dodi Phy was set to release his own album, All Things Considered, later this year, with his collaborator DJ Turtleneck. He rose to prominence in the local hip-hop scene by appearing on tracks with Muja Messiah, M.anifest, Villa Rosa, and other artists. He also caught people's attention with his dynamic live performances, and was known for his socially aware lyrics and the old-school flavor of his spirited vocal delivery.

His 2010 track "Capture the Moment" is reminiscent -- in his rhymes, the funky beats, and even the look of the video -- of early Poor Righteous Teachers, with the young MC's self-assured confidence on the mic coming through in the vibrant track.

"It's essential I gain knowledge and wisdom/As time passes I choose to walk the path less chosen by the masses...My first love was the mic/I knew it at first sight," Dodi Phy rhymes passionately on this tribute video (below) put together following his passing. The talent and the conviction is definitely there in his work, and it's sad that those skills didn't have an opportunity to blossom further and flourish in the local scene in the future.

Slug of Atmosphere, M.anifest, and many others in the Twin Cities hip-hop scene have paid their respects to Dodi Phy. DJ Turtleneck has plans to go forward with the album Dodi Phy was working on at the time of his passing, to honor his fallen friend. And hopefully that record does see the light of day, so everyone gets a chance to hear the considerable talents of Turay one more time.

Dodi Phy's funeral is on Saturday, with a memorial service schedule for 11 a.m. at Masjid An-Nur Mosque. His family has set up a memorial fund at, to alleviate the cost of the funeral, as well as help support his two young sons.

A musical tribute to Dodi Phy is reportedly in the works, tentatively planned to take place at the Nomad Pub on March 30.

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