Minneapolis' Off With Their Heads involved in 'horrific' van dragging of 24-year-old woman

Press Photo

Press Photo

Update, Oct. 22: No charges will be immediately filed in the accident, according to Sgt. Aaron Roed of the Vancouver Police Department. Find that full story here

On Friday, Vancouver's CTV News reported that Minneapolis punk band Off With Their Heads has been implicated in a "horrific" Oct. 12 crash that left a woman with life-altering injuries. 

The woman, 24-year-old Desiree Evancio, appears to have been hit by the band's van before being dragged several city blocks by the driver, who was unaware she was pinned beneath it. Off With Their Heads—who are touring in support of their new record Be Good—were playing the Smiling Buddha Cabaret on the night of the accident. 

"At first, I thought she'd just been backed over," one bystander told CTV. 

“I went to the back of the trailer and someone else was already there with a flashlight and you could just see blood," he added, "just a line of blood down the street, and at that point I realized it was something completely different than someone getting backed over."

Police haven't yet named a suspect in the collision, though CTV reports that he was "impaired and American." News footage shows police using a breathalyzer with a man who appears to be bassist Robbie Swartwood.

The Epitaph band have since canceled their remaining North American tour dates, with frontman Ryan Young posting on Facebook that he felt uncomfortable playing live sets as they wait for more information.

"Due to the sensitive nature of an accident a band member was involved with, I can't elaborate any more than that," he wrote. "When I can, I will definitely do so."

Meanwhile the 24-year-old Evancio will have to undergo "countless surgeries" as doctors determine whether she'll be able to walk again, accordng to CTV news. A GoFundMe to support Evancio—whose family "isn't counting on the driver's American insurance," per CTV—has raised more than $162,000 as of Monday morning.