Minneapolis man possessed by curly-haired film reviewer

I just listened to Sun, Sun, Sun, the new album by Sub Pop recording artists the Elected, led by Blake Sennett, the mustachioed, suede-vest-wearing lead guitar player and occasional breathy, phony, full-of-himself second-string singer from Rilo Kiley. And then the spirit of Gene Shalit came over me:

Sun, Sun, Sun? Well, that's one compact disc I won't want to take home and burn, burn, burn onto my personal computer's music-playing device.

The Elected? They must have stuffed the ballots, because here's one rock combo that this critic votes "no" on.

Blake Sennett? More like "Take Sennett," as in "take this confounded platter off the hi fi and throw it in the ol' cylindrical filing cabinet."

Sun, Sun, Sun by the Elected? Can someone call Bonnie Tyler and see if we can't arrange for a total eclipse...of their art?