Minneapolis Is Not Ready for Stitches the Rapper


Miami rapper Stitches has a face only his mother (and Reddit) could love. Still, the past few months have seen his viral potential rise on the strength of "Brick in Yo Face," a song threatening violence if said brick of cocaine isn't turned into cash compensation for its provider. Its accompanying video features a lot of posturing with big guns, and a guy dressed up like Hellraiser throwing white dust around. It's a ridiculous fantasy set to a trap beat set to get stapled to your brain.

When it comes to Stitches in a live setting, however, the potential for violence and erratic behavior has become real. (Last month, a Florida show bordered on the absurd when the rapper offered "blow" to the audience and then fled early.) It's too real, reportedly, for the Minneapolis Police Department because an upcoming show at the Cabooze has been nixed. Update: The police have responded.

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After weathering several violent incidents in nightclubs and at hip-hop shows in the past year -- including a shooting death at the Yo Gotti/YG show at Epic -- the bar has been set high for venues that want to host controversial events.

According to sources familiar with the situation, any major incidents occurring at the Stitches concert, which was set for Saturday, October 18, would have the potential to seriously affect the livelihood of the club.

The actual reputation of 19-year-old Stitches, with his menacing face tattoos and supposed penchant for expensive guns and cars, has been called into serious question by our sister papers in Miami and Broward. If the typical Stitches video feels only slightly less real than an episode of Law & Order: SVU, that's because it probably is. How it's interpreted by concert-goers is an entirely different matter.

Update: Minneapolis Police say they played no role.

"We were not consulted," says Minneapolis Police Department's public information officer John Elder. "I've checked with licensing. I'm assuming it was a business decision made by the club." He went on to say that the police will suggest additional security for certain events, but says they did not influence the decision to cancel the event.

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