Minneapolis indie-rock faves Fog reunite, announce first album in nine years

Andrew Broder, seen here staring out a window, is getting Fog back together

Andrew Broder, seen here staring out a window, is getting Fog back together

Remember Fog? Me neither, I was 13 when they broke up in 2008.

Whether Fog rings a bell or not, you should know that the Minneapolis experimental rock group led by Andrew Broder has reunited. But that's not all: They announced details for a new album Thursday, and dropped a video for lead single "Trying." 

The new album, Fog's first in nine years, is called For Good. It comes out April 29 on Twin Cities label Totally Gross National Product. For Good was funded by a 2014 Kickstarter campaign in which Broder raised $17,161 from 324 backers in two months.

Broder built up hype for the premiere of "Trying" through this series of cryptic tweets Thursday morning:
— FOG / FOR GOOD (@AndrewBroder) February 4, 2016 Fog actively churned out records from 2002’s self-titled to their last, Ditherer, in 2007. Ditherer was Fog’s debut as a full band and featured guests like Andrew Bird, Low, Dosh, and Yoni Wolf of Why?

Pitchfork called the album mundane, monotonous, and a “quilt of clashing colors,” and within a year of its release, Fog announced their demise via MySpace, the once go-to platform for all band-to-fan communication. RIP (to both Fog and MySpace, of course).

Soon after, Broder formed post-punk group the Cloak Ox, who won our Picked to Click poll in 2011.

Watch the video for Fog’s “Trying” below. It’s weird and spacey, putting more emphasis on electronic production than the traditional rock sounds of past Fog releases.