Minneapolis: home of the honky tonk badonkadonk?


class=img_thumbleft>When the folks who run the Country Music Awards decided it was time for the show to dust of its boots and transfer from Nashville to New York City (

New York City!?

, exclaimed faux-Southern-style here just like it is on that commercial for Pace Picante sauce), some claimed it was a

publicity stunt

--a means to shake off the crunchy Southern-fried attitude wrapped (tastefully) in a American flag and embrace the blue states. There is, after all, an ongoing effort to expand country music's already ginormous market. Those intentions could explain why local country station K102 was honored as the best major-market station during the CMAs on Wednesday night. Even southern transplants and the station's loyal

listeners were shocked

by the news, according to a report on WCCO. 'CCO chalked up the win to the station's community service.

Still, the Twin Cities might not be quite as gaga over the Clear Channel-owned station as the rest of the country. According to the latest Arbitron ratings, K102 is the No. 3 station in Minneapolis/St. Paul, with an average quarter share of 8.0. WCC0-AM talk radio lands in the top spot with 9.2. In fact, talk radio takes up five spots, more than any other format, in the Arbitron ratings. Minneapolitans, apparently, would rather listen to people chatter than the country version of "Baby Got Back."

The top-three stations might snare a good portion of the Twin Cities radio audience, but not everyone is strictly in it for the Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. As member-supported 89.3 the Current's ratings continue to edge upward, the station has gained a number of new corporate underwriters, according to the Minneapolis Business Journal. The MPR-owned station reports a 2.3 share, beating out alternative station Drive 105, which claims a 1.2 share.

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