Mini Medical School at the U of M

(photo courtesy of kokopinto via Flickr)

Were you a doctor in another life? Are still watching ER even though it jumped the shark years ago? Do you have an interest in medical research even though your career is in another field? Check out this layman's program for lovers of medicine.

Classes start Monday, February 23 and run weekly through March 23, all at 6pm. Some of the topics covered during the classes include prevention and detection of cancer, cutting-edge biomedical devices, new medication and therapeutic treatments, and the exciting world of non-invasive surgery (now you don't have to chop off that leg to get to your kidneys!).

Cost to register is $75 which includes a binder of materials, or $60 if you go the paperless (online) route. To sign up, visit the U of M Academic Health Center at For additional questions, email [email protected]