Mill City Nights quietly cancels concert of Sizzla, homophobic Jamaican dancehall star

Sorry, Sizzla. That shit don't play here.

Sorry, Sizzla. That shit don't play here.

UPDATE (Sept. 6): Looks like the show has been rescheduled for the Venue, one block away from Mill City Nights in downtown Minneapolis. 

Sizzla's tour of American cities is cooling off rapidly.

The Jamaican dancehall artist has had a number of concerts canceled and venues change at the last minute, as his homophobic reputation catches up with him. 

The latest case seems to have occurred here in Minneapolis, where Sizzla was scheduled to play Mill City Nights on Friday, September 16. Google it, and it still seems like the show's a go.


But that top link, to Mill City's own event page, is broken as of this morning. The venue's general manager has not responded to requests for comment or confirmation.

North X M W, an event organizing outfit based in the Twin Cities, posted yesterday that Mill City had "unilaterally" canceled its Sizzla concert earlier this week. Here's the full message from North X M W. 

To all the SIZZLA fans: We regretfully announce that as of yesterday 8.31, we received notice from the legal counsel of the company which owns Mill City Nights informing us they they are unilaterally canceling the SIZZLA show on 9.16, without giving us any reason for the cancellation. We were as shocked and disappointed as many of you are. We have been working non-stop since we were informed of their decision to save the show for the Twin Cities and for all the reggae/dancehall fans in Minnesota and the surrounding area. We hope to have a final decision/announcement by the end of day tomorrow, Fri, September 2nd. Again, please know we are doing everything in our power save the show to host The President on 9/16! Blessings and positive vibes to All!

What could Sizzla have said that's so bad? There's plenty to pick from, but most focus on lyrics from songs like "Nah Apologize," with its reference to how "Inna de Biblical days we use to stone dem [gays] to deat." That song's title is a reference to prior controversy, when Sizzla's homophobia got him banned from the whole United Kingdom. 

That song also makes references to "batty boys," a Jamaican slang slur for gay or effeminate men -- "Rastaman don't apologize to no batty boy," Sizzla says -- and, for good measure, condemns men performing cunninlingus.

Sizzla was recently dropped from the bill at a concert venue in San Francisco, and his manager tells the Jamaican The STAR newspaper that they've rescheduled a show in Oakland. 

"The vibration has been so phenomenal," Olimaata Taal says, "when you see the love that the people have for Sizzla. It's so hard to understand why he gets such a fight when all he has been doing is promoting love, happiness, and joy through his music." [Editor's note: Wrong.] "Don't get me wrong," -- [Editor's note: She is already wrong] -- "his beliefs are his beliefs, but his fans love him for who he is, and they support him 100 per cent."

Guess all those people suck, too.

No word on whether a replacement gig will be scheduled for Sizzla's Minneapolis show.

How 'bout it? Any venue with nothing booked for September 16 want to book an internationally known reggae star, before learning more about what kind of guy he is and, under pressure, secretly dropping him from the marquee and pretending this whole thing never happened?

 We hear Sizzla is available!