Military Special call it quits


At the risk of becoming

band breakup central

around here, we have more sad news to impart this morning. Local dance-rock sextet Military Special has decided to dissolve, and will perform their 100th and final show at the 7th St. Entry on November 19, which is also the release date for their farewell EP.

"Basically, the break up came down to our bassist James moving to California, and our keyboarder Danell, who doesn't have enough time to make a dependable commitment," explains lead songwriter Joe Schweigert. "It also has to do with a general feeling from the rest of us that we want to strip our sound down a bit, go for something a little more organic. With six people we had all these parts, too much sometimes, and had to plan out everything down to the littlest detail."

Schweigert, who was previously in Look Down with Military Special and City on the Make guitarist Peter Blomgren, says he's certain this won't be the last venture for the members of the group. "More music projects in the future, yes, for sure, but we don't have any specifc plans as of right now."

"The remaining four of us still plan on making music together after taking some time off, but we'll be retiring the band's name and almost all of our current material," adds keyboardist Charlie Smith. "On the horizon for me is producing a new dance project with ex-Guystorm frontman Angelo Penacchio and plans are in the works for me to join up with a local indie folk group to play piano. I hope to be playing a lot of music in the Twin Cities to say the least."

Military Special formed in 2007, and rose to prominence locally last year with the release of their full-length record, Civil Union.

The band is currently recording their final EP as a group in their duplex, and will release it at the November 19 show with openers Lucy Michelle & The Velvet Lapelles, Phantom Tails, Estate, and Dada Trash Collage.

NORTHERN OUTPOST - Episode 7 - Military Special - 3/27/09 from Northern Outpost on Vimeo.

Military Special call it quits

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