Military Special and Stook tonight at the Entry


Military Special takes a break from hacking Actraiser on their Game Genies to play a rock show.

Some parents read books aloud for the edification of an unborn child. Others play Mozart, or meditate. Judging by their outstanding breakthrough full length, Military Special's parents were playing Mega Man 2 until dawn with the volume all the way up. Dancy and energetic and bratty, their pleasures are immediate and long lasting, and they seem like the very products of a bedroom cluttered with sun-warped Plasmatics 7 inches, glitchy cartridges of Dr. Mario, and empty cases of  Mountain Dew.  Caffeinated and feral, these are the kids who sat too close to the T.V. and tried to read in the dark and came out clean on the other side.

They play tonight at the entry with Stook. Theirs is a tidier room, where the bed is made and the books arranged, the kind of place with flannel sheets and blackout curtains-- a good, warm place to get some thinking done. They keep their guitars smoky, their tempos tastefully moderate, and they have a plaintive urgency that is uncommon in folk rock of their stripe, seasoned with enough digital background to make the ear second guess itself. They might do well to take fewer cues from Jakob Dylan, but the music is as solid and sincere and dependable as you could ask for.

Also on the bill is The Invincible Kids, whose production values add a high shine to their bleeps and bloops, and a twinkle to every three-part harmony, flawlessly tuned to singing guitars. For a local outfit, it's pop product of an unusually polished brand. Upbeat and fashion conscious, this is music that coordinates well with diagonal, lime-green stripes. Music to pogo to, but not so hard that you lose your hot pink sunglasses on the dance floor. In fact, check those at the door. Military Special's crowd can bring some steel-toe types in the door, and those shades won't have a prayer.

Monday December 8. 7th Street Entry. 8:00 P.M. 18+. $5.00.