Mike Mictlan, Toki Wright, and B. Dolan form Strange Doom Sayers tour

Mike Mictlan, Toki Wright, and B. Dolan form Strange Doom Sayers tour
Photo By Anna Gulbrandsen

Rap fans in the Twin Cities typically don't have to wait too long for one of the members of the Doomtree collective to plan something cool in the area. Whether it's Dessa performing at the MIA, Sims playing at the Are You Local? event, or Lazerbeak joining creative forces with Mixed Blood Majority, the crew always stays busy.

Now it's Mike Mictlan's turn to announce something big, as the spirited MC has just divulged that he will embark on a brief tour of the Midwest along with Toki Wright and B. Dolan, a jaunt that the talented hip-hop artists are ominously calling the Strange Doom Sayers Tour.

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The three energetic MCs are set to play a short run of shows together in Chicago, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Fargo, ND, and Duluth, at the start of April, including a hometown gig a the Triple Rock on April 10.

Mictlan will bring his recent rambunctious SNAXX material with him on tour, while Wright will definitely be road tested after just returning from a big late-March Short Circuit Tour he's got planned with Carnage and Kristoff Krane.

The fiery B. Dolan has dropped a couple landmark albums and mixtapes on Strange Famous Records, and hopefully will be debuting some long-awaited new material on this tour, along with some of the bangers from his House Of Bees mixtapes and Fallen House, Sunken City. And, in addition to these three talented rappers, some special guests will most likely be dropping by each night in order to take part in the sure-to-be wild festivities.

Tickets for the April 10 Triple Rock show are on-sale now (as are the other shows scheduled). The show is 18+, begins at 8 p.m., with advance tickets running $10.

Mike Mictlan, Toki Wright, and B. Dolan form Strange Doom Sayers tour

Here are the full dates and locations for Mike Mictlan, Toki Wright, and B. Dolan's upcoming Strange Doom Sayers Tour:

April 8 -- Township, Chicago, IL

April 10 -- Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN

April 11 -- Vaudville Mews, Des Moines, IA

April 12 -- The Nestor Tavern, Fargo, ND

April 13 -- The Rex, Duluth, MN

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