Mike Mictlan and Lazerbeak: Hand Over Fist

Fall is officially Doomtree season, with the majority of the collective releasing solo records over a three-month period. With Hand Over Fist, MC Mike Mictlan and producer extraordinaire Lazerbeak add another worthy piece to the Doomtree arsenal. While Mictlan is more self-referential and cocky than his crewmates, what separates DT from a lot of rap collectives is the pervasive team feeling, and even with the heavily biographic content on Hand Over Fist, a "we" attitude still permeates the album.

Much of the record is used to establish Mictlan's persona: namely, his relocation from L.A. to Minnesota and the cultural acclimation to the move. Predictably, this culminates with a reminiscent "L.A. Raiders Hat" and Midwest shout-outs like "Northstarrr." Mictlan seems to prefer lightning-speed, tongue-twisting raps but wisely uses them in moderation, including "Shux," which features guest P.O.S. trying to outpace his host. Hand Over Fist is a concise record, electing to vary the pace rather than stretch things out with skits and interludes.

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