Mike 2600 talks favorite gigs and new projects (MP3)


City Pages' Best Of The Twin Cities came out yesterday and among the winners was Best Club DJ Mike 2600. Mike's been a longtime fixture in the music and art communities here and we thought we'd ask for a little update on his latest (and many) projects. Congrats, Mike!

What are your current residencies?

I spin once or twice a month at the Triple Double party that Wezz, partner at Burlesque, and I throw every Tuesday at Triple Rock. There's also our monthly Street Sounds disco party at the VIP room plus sporadic appearancs at Get Cryphy, Bomp, etc.

What have been your favorite DJ gigs ever?

June 2009's Purple Rain 25th anniversary party in the First Avenue mainroom was really something. Getting to spin nothing but Minneapolis funk with DJ Dan Speak for about 1000 music-hungry Minnesotans was a great experience. My all time favorite gig was opening up for Mixmaster Mike back when I lived in St. Louis in 2000. DJ Andrew (Broder, of Fog) and I spun on four turntables with DJ Device from my St. Louis crew and it was nuts. Also love spinning at The Rub in Brooklyn, Hai Karate at Hifi Club in Calgary, The Goodfoot in Portland, and Too Much Love is always fun.

When did you launch your design company, Burlesque?

I started collaborating on design projects with the guys from Life Sucks Die Magazine around 2002, then I moved up to Minneapolis in 2003 and our loose artist collective became a more official graphic art and screenprinting company known as Burlesque of North America.

Talk a bit about your producing style.

I've been working on more original tracks lately, but everything I do is based on taking samples from older music and flipping it into something new. Here's a track off of my "Ready to Rock" EP called "[audio-1]" and here's a video that I made for the lead track "Now Here's a Funky Beat."

Any upcoming projects to note?

We (Burleque) just released the third installment in our "Do it To it" series - it's a CD compilation of remixes and original tracks from myself, DJ Ayres, Bird Peterson, BK-One, Jimmy 2 Times, Bassanovva (featuring Grahmzilla from Thunderheist) and many others. It comes packaged in a screenprinted jacket made of clear vinyl sticker paper and has a whole strip of DJ-centric stickers which are perfect for laptops, Serato boxes, etc. I also have two remixes coming out very soon - one for DJ Eleven (of The Rub) and one for BK-One for a song off of his Radio Do Canibal LP. I'll also be working on a followup EP to be released later this year.