Midwest Konnect release "The Trailer" exclusively at Fifth Element


@quaticSon of San Bernadino, CA and LeMons of Indianapolis, IN combine forces to form the hip-hop supergroup Midwest Konnect.  Fresh off their performance at this year's Soundset Festival, Midwest Konnect have released their limited edition CD, The Trailer (5/31/2011), exclusively at Fifth Element.



@quaticSon  - Mychal Fisher

LeMons - Elliot LeMons

Album release date: May 31, 2011, The Trailer

Gimme Noise: Name a song that you wish you would have written and why?

@quaticSon: T.R.O.Y by Pete Rock and CL Smooth. If you know T.R.O.Y., you know that is one of the definitive hip-hop songs; it is one of, if not my favorite golden era hip-hop joint. I wouldn't necessarily say I wish I had written it, but I can say that I wish I could have been a part of it in some way. Whether featuring on it with a verse, mixing or teaming up on the beat with Pete Rock. As far as why, I would say simply because of the positive and pure nature of the song. Everybody loves to reminisce about their childhood or just life in general so its easy to relate to, plus the beat is jammin'.

LeMons: I would have to say Lupe Fiasco's "Gotta Eat" from his second album The Cool. I thought it was crazy how he told the story of this drug dealer, but he did the whole song using food! Plus I'm a chef too! Lupe's definitely one of my favorite rappers even though he goes over my head a lot, but I think that's what I like about his music. I can listen several times and hear new things.

What are you doing as a new artist to stay relevant or stand out in this saturated music industry?

@quaticSon: I think the biggest thing that separates us from other artists is the fact that we do everything for ourselves in house. We do all of our own beats, production, recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, artwork/design, etc. In fact I see myself more as a media professional than an artist. I have only been rapping seriously for about 2 years, I picked it up initially because I didn't know too many dope rappers in my area, and I wanted to hear rap on my beats. Got tired of what i was hearing out of my area (in CA) and started rapping. Then it went from there to using my rap to put my mixing and engineering skills out there. But I was getting good responses for my stuff, so I started to develop my style a little bit.  It's still a work in progress.

I wouldn't consider myself to be a "dope rapper" as of now, but I think if I allow myself to season a bit, I'll be nice. Also, I think that another thing people like about us is that our music is generally feel good and easy to relate too. A lot of artists are doing this whole, "I'm rich and your not, and I have hella hoes and you don't, and hella money, and I smoke hella weed" stuff right now and that's cool if that's what you're into, but in reality how many people do you know personally that are rich, have hella hoes, etc.  Well, I know people who smoke hella weed, lol, but you get what I'm saying. We just talk about life, experiences, and things that average people can relate too. You won't catch Midwest Konnect on some "I'm rich, bitch."  Lol.  You may catch us on some "I aspire to be rich bitch" though.

LeMons: Pretty much everything Mychal said. Being in this industry and being multifaceted makes it easy to cross promote. Usually the people we meet have a certain set of needs so we acquired a skill set that allows us to be more valuable to the people we meet. That being said, I think our skill sets us apart from the crowd and provides us with more opportunities for branding and marketing.

Who is your favorite local artist?

@quaticSon: Favorite local artist?  I'm not sure that I have one.  In the 2 years I've been in Minneapolis, most of my time has gone towards school, work, and my personal music so I haven't had much time to get out there. There are a few artists from the Twin Cities I feel are making noise that I can appreciate, but I can't say that I have a favorite. But yeah, I'm diggin Muja Messiah right now, dude is pretty cold.  I'm also feelin' Toki Wright out of Rhymesayers camp. Dude's got ill bars, as well as Grieves.

LeMons: I'm feelin Taylor J on a Saturday night before I got out. I'm feelin Stickybite at a barbecue. Fresssssh Air at a party. Fear Itself when I'm pissed. Freez, Greg Grease, Alicia Steele, 2 Against, Enve. I like anybody that's doing what I'm doing because it can be hard out here.

Shout outs to anyone we've ever rocked a show with us!

Favorite place to eat/drink in Twin Cities?

@quaticSon: Damn, I'm gonna look like a square, man.  I don't be going out anywhere, lol. I guess as far as eating goes. I went to that spot "MATTS" and got me a juicy Lucy. THAT SHIT WAS BOMB! Lol, if you haven't had one yet, get one. I mean any spot that is featured on Food Network has got to be good, right? As far as the night life goes, I haven't been to really any spots that have treated me as good as CA was treating me, but then again I've only been to Club N.Y, Sneaky Petes, Karma, and Seven. But I have heard promising things about the Imperial Room. I plan to go there some time soon and see what's good.

LeMons: I'm a broke college student and a starving artist, so I don't eat out much, but I like Wasabi. They have a bomb happy hour and the people there are extremely nice. Great sushi! And warm edemame!

I like drinking at home with my homies!

Finish this statement: "Never have I ever..."

@quaticSon: my life is too boring for this game...

Never have I ever released a physical album through a contract with a record store...UNTIL NOW! COP THE ALBUM MAY 31ST AT FIFTH ELEMENT!.... Lol, can I do that?  If not, then never have I ever been to N.Y.C, but I'd love to though. ROAD TRIP!

LeMons: Never have I ever went a day in my life and didn't listen to music!