Mid West Music Fest unveils 2014 music lineup

Lizzo is hitting Winona in April.
Lizzo is hitting Winona in April.
Photo by Erik Hess

The yearly Mid West Music Fest that is taking over the streets of Winona for the fifth year has just posted its enormous 2014 lineup. The weekend of April 24-26, more than 100 bands will hit the southern Minnesota river community and perform in 13 venues.

Among this year's performers are Lizzo, Charlie Parr, Caroline Smith, the 4onthefloor, Mark Mallman, Dosh, John Mark Nelson, Enemy Planes, Carroll, Prissy Clerks, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays and the Cactus Blossoms. The rest of the lineup is a massive collection of regional acts boasting a wide range of disciplines.
Marking the fest's fifth year will be a pair of birthday parties at Ed's No Name Bar and Broken World Records on April 23. Added for the first time in 2014 are a polka dance with Karl and the Country Dutchmen and a barn dance with Pop Wagner and Bob Bovee.

The schedule for MWMF 2014 is still forthcoming, but tickets are on sale now. A three-day pass runs $50 until April 1 via online ticketing

Mid West Music Fest unveils 2014 music lineup

The Mid West Music Fest 2014 lineup:
Charlie Parr
Caroline Smith
The 4onthefloor
We Are The Willows
Mark Mallman
Night Phoenix
Horseshoes and Handgrenades
The Cactus Blossoms
Cliff Eberhardt
Jillian Rae
Bob Bovee & Pop Wagner
Anonymous Choir
Joe and Vicki Price
John Mark Nelson
Enemy Planes
Koo Koo Kanga Roo
Bad Bad Hats
Farewell Milwaukee
Joey Ryan and the Inks
The Farewell Circuit
Fathom Lane
Bomba de Luz
Karl and the Country Dutchmen
Prissy Clerks
Corpse Reviver
Sun Gods to Gamma Rays
Mike Munson
Pine Hearts
The 757s
Natty Nation
Southside Desire
The People Brothers Band
General B & the Wiz
Black River Revue
The Fattenin' Frogs
Anthony Ruptak
Click Track
Dead Horses
Ali and the Scoundrels
Beet Root Stew
The Ditchrunners
The Heavy Set
Puff Puff
The Ultrasounds
Greg Hall and the Wrecking Ball
The Belle Jar
Sleeper and the Sleepless
Jaybone Bell & Restless Light
The Last Revel
Brilliant Beast
The Multiple Cat
Jeff Ray & Hurricane Harold
Jack Norton and the Mullet River Boys
The Sex Rays
Fairfax, AK
Heart Pills
Lion and Gazelle
Reverend Eddie Danger
Good Night, Gold Dust
Niki Becker
Moth Mountain
Jack Klatt
Brian Laidlaw and the Family Trade
John Beach Band
Driftwood Bones
Apartment 4
Boats vs. Manatees
Weathered Heads
Gravy Train
Gabe Barnett & Big House Rounders
San Dimas
Adja Gildersleve & Frans.
Good Luck and Godspeed
The Old Fashioneds
Jacob Grippen
Bo. Monro
Andy Nelson
Marv Wilt
All Good Things
Eli Glor
The Champlifiers
Tour Funk
Steve, The Brodom
Jesus Chrystler
Ryan Van Slooten
Sima Cunningham
Coconut and the Duke
Josh Laurer
Category U
Vocal Point
4th Coast
Matthew Francis Byrnes
Austin Weatherhead
Amanda Hardy
Elsa Va
Matt Hannah
Paul Spring
Corey Koehler Band  
Rat Pit
Grey Matter Black
Seb's Medicine
Pride of the Prairie

Mid West Music Fest 2014. $50 for a three-day pass, April 24-26, Winona. Info.

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