Michele Bachmann's new favorite band: 'White People'


At this point, there's little that Michele Bachmann can say to rattle us. After all, this is the woman who -- just this weekend! -- claimed that God sent Hurricane Irene to help rein in big government spending and get her into the White House. But we couldn't help but let out a little snort at the sight of this video, in which Bachmann professes her love for the Steve Miller-inspired, somehow-not-even-super-terrible Christian rock band White People, whom the presidential hopeful endorsed during this month's Spirit Midwest Christian Music Festival in Des Moines, Iowa.

"Who likes White People?" Bachmann asked the crowd enthusiastically, which was met with cheers from a bunch of the white people in attendance.

[jump] The Pittsburgh-based band apparently also goes by the longer name White People Soul Band from time to time, but that's just gilding the lily, isn't it?

[Stuff White People Like]

UPDATE: Via Boing Boing, an alternate version of the video has been posted that suggests she was actually saying "Who likes wet people? Yeah that's right. Because we have the gods of the winds and the rains, don't we? We serve a mighty God." Can't say that it makes any more sense, though. You be the judge.

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