Michael Yonkers gets two more reissues on Drag City

Michael Yonkers gets two more reissues on Drag City

The inventive musical output of Michael Yonkers sadly went under-appreciated and mostly ignored throughout most of his life. He was rediscovered by a new generation of fans due to De Stijl and Sup Pop's reissue of Yonkers' 1968 underground, psych-noise classic, Microminature Love, and Drag City's subsequent reissue of Lovely Gold, as well as his unlikely but entirely awesome collaboration with the Blind Shake.

Now, modern music fans will get an even better grasp on the artistic vision and musical evolution of Yonkers with two more reissues by Drag City planned for early 2014, with both Michael Lee Yonkers and Borders Of My Mind set to come out on the venerable label on January 21.

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The story of Yonkers is an intriguing
and rather tragic one, as only two years after Yonkers recorded the
promising, groundbreaking tracks that make up Microminature Love, he was
severely injured in 1971 while working at an electronics warehouse,
getting crushed under computer equipment that radically damaged his back
and derailed his burgeoning career.

But he soldiered on,
recording and self-releasing a slew of quirky, folk rock albums
throughout the rest of that decade. But it wasn't until the De Stijl
vinyl reissue of Yonkers' debut, and Sub Pop's subsequent national
roll-out and promotion of the same record, that most of the music world finally became aware of Yonkers idiosyncratic but arresting sounds. He generated
his distinctive songs by modifying his equipment and his guitars to suit his very specific sonic needs, giving
his material an original, unique twist that confounded listeners and
fellow musicians alike.

On the new reissues by Drag City, his
country-tinged material is the focus of Michael Lee Yonkers, while
Borders Of My Mind captures some intimate home recordings from 1973.
Both releases should provide fans with a wider glimpse into the creative
process that drove Yonkers throughout that challenging decade, while
also giving listeners some additional quality recordings of more of
Michael's overlooked output.

Here's the complete tracklisting and
cover art for both Michael Lee Yonkers and Borders Of My Mind.

Michael Yonkers gets two more reissues on Drag City

Michael Lee Yonkers

  1. An Easy Goin Country Guy
  2. My Sally
  3. Black Birds in the Sky
  4. The Nice Boy
  5. Funboots
  6. Furnace Springs
  7. Pigeon Falls
  8. Mrs. Jennings Fruit Fly Farm
  9. Donald Wheeler
  10. She Can Cry Her Tears Alone
  11. I'm So Glad You Came
  12. One Room and a Brass Bed
  13. Come A Long
Michael Yonkers gets two more reissues on Drag City

Borders Of My Mind

  1. Borders of My Mind
  2. Story Book Kind of Madness
  3. Elaine
  4. Wagner
  5. Emily
  6. Place Called Home
  7. Standing in the Doorway
  8. Goin' Home
  9. Lovely Lady Companion
  10. Lonely Children
  11. Monkey's Tail
  12. Smile Awhile for Me
  13. Happy Ending Woman

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