Michael Yonkers debut LP finds new life on Destijl

Michael Yonkers debut LP finds new life on Destijl

In 1966, Michael Yonkers was a young man well on his way to becoming an unheralded king of sonic experimentation. Decades of shadow and obscurity lay before him, which would see him produce works like Microminiature Love, one of the most influential works of rock and roll and guitar tinkering that, until its wide release some 30 years later, few had ever heard.

Locally, Yonkers' is now a royal name. He won over fans of a new generation with his collaborations with the Blind shake, which summarily renewed passion for his earlier works.

And now, Destijl records, the label credited with a big assist in helping Yonkers be a pertinent  force some 40 years after his debut, is releasing Yonkers' first LP, recorded with his band the Mumbles. To pay homage, there is a listening party on November 3rd at Road Runner Records.

Michael Yonkers and the Blind Shake, as filmed by neurocameraman.

From the Destijl synopsis:

"in the premiere spin, their would-be debut comes off as a naive, teenage trip thru the typified garage band moves of this era. but repeated listening reveals a darkness beneath what some dullard might be deceived by as it's crisp, winsome visage. it's only to a slightly less visible degree that the mumbles LP has the same characteristics that would make micro the singularly original piece that is."

Salvaged from the master tapes 45 years after the recording, the Mumbles LP is being released on vinyl only, with a digital download code for the analogically (we're journalists--we get to make up words) handicapped.

Yonkers was a primary figure in the noise music article City Pages published some months ago, and with good reason. Decades before the fickle winds of music crit turned a favorable ear to noise rock, Yonkers was performing it when almost no one, save a cadre of courageous listeners, could fathom it.

Sadly, earlier this year Yonkers announced his ostensible retirement from performance to Gimme Noise. Since the 70s, he has suffered from a debilitating back injury which has frequently limited his ability to perform, and just a few weeks after he was featured in "The Sound And The Fury," it took a turn for the worse, rendering him essentially bed ridden.

It's a terrible loss for the music community, and all the more reason to turn out to Road Runner on November 3rd and pay tribute to the artist as a young man.

November 3rd. 6:00-8:00 P.M. Road Runner Records. Free. 4304 Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis.

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