Michael Jackson's death ruled a homicide

Michael Jackson's death ruled a homicide

Doping up MJ so he can get his beauty rest? Ugh. Sketchy, but we'll allow it. Devastating MJ's face and body with scads of plastic surgery? Wow. Pretty unconscionable, but nothing that will send us to the hills with torches and pitchforks.

But waiting 82 minutes to phone 911 after finding the world's most famous patient unconscious and not breathing, after administering huge doses of valium, lorazepam, and propofol?

MJ's sordid later years are a conspiracy of failures by the medical community. But in the case of MJ's personal doctor, one Conrad Murray? Get the rope.

It was suspect from the start. The good doctor's absence from the press in the hours immediately following Jackson's death. His car abandoned in the driveway. The vast assortment of exotic anesthetic found in Jackson's veins...

It should be noted that this ruling is based in part on police theory (but then, aren't all homicide investigations that go without a confession attached?). But if it comes out that Murray pulled a Mengele on a mentally decimated Michael Jackson, you can expect his name to quickly sink to the Marianas trench of the medical community.

From the L.A. County autopsy report-- MJ was administered a 25 milligram dose of propofal in the hours before his death. In light of the other drugs MJ had ingested (all downers), it's a medically irresponsible dose to say the least. And, according the coroner, it was the dose that did him in.

The death as we understood it before--the accidental overdose by the world's most tormented superstar-- was tragedy enough. But to find, months later, that MJ might have been victimized in his final hour by a medical doctor makes the story just plain sick. Stay tuned for further updates.

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