Michael Jackson: A YouTube Compendium


There are thousands upon thousands of videos of Michael Jackson available on YouTube. A quick search yields 386,000 results, and the YouTube site dedicated an entire spotlight page to Jackson's work yesterday. So narrowing down the pop icon's videos to the absolute best available has proven to be a difficult task, but what we can do today is choose our personal favorites.

We here at Gimme Noise would like to share our favorite Michael Jackson videos (and Jackson-inspired videos) in memory of the fallen star. Here are our 10 favorite videos from the King of Pop, in no particular order.

1. "Billie Jean"

  1. "Thriller"

  1. "Thriller," as performed by groomsmen at a reception

  1. "Beat It"

  1. Jackson 5, "ABC"

  1. "Jam," "Billie Jean," and "Black or White" at the Superbowl

  1. The Pepsi commercial from the '80s

  1. Jackson 5, "Never Can Say Goodbye"

  1. "We Are the World"

  1. "Smooth Criminal"