M.I.A.'s "Born Free"

Maya at her most Vega

Maya at her most Vega

An apparent one-off  ("Hardly anything else on the new record (due June 29) sounds much like this") of minimal posi-bored sorta-punk, "Born Free" gets driven hard by an inevitable sampling of Suicide that I'm surprised didn't happen sooner. While the first minute has you and the last three drag you, M.I.A. tries to sum up and maybe counteract a generation's displaced energy and boohoo boredom with aggressive repetition and rallying bragging. Like Suicide, but more Scion. The new mom chants: "I don't wanna live for tomorrow / Push my luck today / I was born free!" But I don't feel free.

M.I.A.,"Born Free"

Suicide, "Ghost Rider"