MF Doom Rice Bowl Debuts at World Street Kitchen

Few individuals can call themselves as enigmatic, prolific, and esoteric as rapper MF Doom. During one of his most-celebrated creative periods, the metal-faced master aligned with local rap label Rhymesayers to release the 2004 classic MM.. Food, and Gimme Noise recently celebrated a decade since its release.

For February, Lyndale eatery World Street Kitchen and Rhymesayers have taken Doom's album title one step further with a signature rice bowl.

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-- fritzer (@OGkegrider) February 2, 2015 The latest in the restaurant's #WSKmashup series, the Doom Yum Yum Rice Bowl combines sweet and spicy beef cheek, habanero/pineapple chow and coconut rice.

It looks a lot like this (below) when you remove the lid featuring Doom's signature mask.

Here's the opening track from MM.. Food, the suddenly apt "Beef Rap":

What are we going to do now? "Stop feeding babies colored sugar-coated lard squares," and go have a rice bowl.


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