MF DOOM jack-o-lantern is the only jack-o-lantern we need

Mm ... MF Doom jack-o-lantern.

Mm ... MF Doom jack-o-lantern.

Those crazy kids over at Rhymesayers Entertainment have been getting into some pretty wholesome fun on their Facebook feed this week, at least as far as hip-hop and rap label hi-jinks go. Monday, they shared images of a few pumpkins carved to look like Rhymesayers stuff. PROF made an appearance, as did the RS logo, among other subjects that got the pumpkin treatment. This morning, Rhymesayers the gauntlet was thrown down with a jack-o-lantern that will be hard for anyone in hip-hop to top.

MF DOOM is really the perfect choice to be sliced into the gourd of your choice, if you think about it. The guy dresses like it's Halloween every day anyway. DOOM only put out one album under Rhymesayers, way back in 2004. Appropriately, the album title, a rearrangement of his MC name, was called Mm.. Food, and it was about food. And it was awesome. So what better way to honor that legacy than combining serious artistry, DOOM'S masked-man visage, and a thing that could also become a pie? 

Credit for the PROF carving goes to Danee Kavanagh, while the MF DOOM game-ending effort was done by Anthony Trask, whose Instagram page describes him as a vocalist and "aspiring MC." If that doesn't work out, he can just wait 11 and a half months and start cranking out jack-o-MF-DOOMs and start shipping them out. We'd guess a few folks in the Twin Cities still think fondly of DOOM, who's now based in his home country of England.

Apparently the folks at Rhymesayers were happy to see his face again. Or actually, his mask. A carving of his mask. Anyway, you get the point.  Smash your other pumpkins, you fools, and get to work on the MF DOOM jack-o-lantern you didn't know you needed.