Metric Take the Measure of the Mainroom

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Metric at the First Ave Mainroom Review By Amber Schadewald

Better Than: Hearing Metric on the radio while stuck in rush hour, in the rain, in August.

Good lord, Emily Haines is one blessed individual: she's a stunner, and wins over crowds like the Teddy Bear Band wins over kindergarteners. In contrast to her solo shows, while performing with Metric, Haines has the energy of a sugar-doped kid, awing the packed Mainroom as she dances in shimmering tights, itty-bitty dress, and scaled ankle-boots.

She took a minute to gush about her love of Minneapolis and promised the band would "rock your faces off." And they followed through, playing a variety of their old and new material. The crowd took awhile to warm-up, but hits such as "Combat Baby" and "Dead Disco" from their first record inspired the most movement. Haines was great about prompting the crowd to sing-along and clap, and she definitely did her share of flattering the rowdier fans in the front. "Why do y'all look so good? Do you always look this good on Wednesday?" she said to the mostly 20-something gals sardined in the front. "I'm lovin' you," she told them.

I'm guessing the guys in Metric got used to jamming out a little harder in their instrumental group, Band Lime, while their main lady went off alone on her solo tour last year. While the guitars squealed out solos and the drums hit home, Haines did her share of high stepping and kicking, still playing the board. During the song "Empty," with hands on her hips, she repeatedly shook her head back and forth between lyrics, sending her scraggly blonde locks in all directions.

"Rock Me Now," became an organically eerie masterpiece as the lights stayed low and a golden fog hung in the air. Guitarist James Shaw sang the chorus, while Haines story-told the rest of the lyrics in her smooth voice. The crowd eventually joined the tapping drums and patient keyboard with soft ahhs, all conducted by bassist Josh Winstead.

Personal Bias: I want to bring Emily Haines home and keep her as my own.

Random Deatil: Haines did this twirling thing on stage completely reminiscent of Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon at Pitchfork. By the Way: Mid-show, a girl trying to rush her way to the front got her hair yanked!