Metric is the most distinctively popular band in Minnesota

Metric's Emily Haines at Rock the Garden 2013
Metric's Emily Haines at Rock the Garden 2013
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

Have you listened to Metric on Spotify today? No?! Whether you're a fan or not, some fresh research shows another side of music listenership in the U.S.

According to a new map created by a fella at the Echo Nest -- the "music intelligence platform" company that provides data for VEVO, MTV, and tons of major record labels -- the Canadian indie rockers represent the most uniquely popular act in Minnesota. 

Now, this guy -- Paul Lamere, Director of Developer Platform at The Echo Nest, if you were curious -- is not saying Metric is the most popular band in Minnesota. Everyone knows that it's actually Soul Coughing or Dawes.

But based upon data from Spotify and a "range of data services," Lamere made a map of the 50 artists who are the most uniquely listenable in a given state -- when compared with other states in the region. No shock that Sufjan Stevens' tactic of writing an album about the state won him Illinois. And if anyone needs a spare reason to make fun of Wisconsin, you can write your own joke now.

Metric is the most distinctively popular band in Minnesota

Lamere created an app that can be customized thousands of different ways to compare the MN sound scenesters' tastes with another region or state. This is one way to lose an entire afternoon. Fer sure. Lots more on his methodology at his blog,

When you plug in Minnesota vs the entire United States, you can see that the Okee Dokee Brothers are getting a heck of a lot more love here than anywhere else. The rest of the MN vs US list has some amusements. And when you compare MN vs WI, it's clear that Har Mar Superstar should work on his outreach across state lines. 

Whether it's for serious research or just an avenue for creating nerdy regional comparisons that no one will quite understand, we applaud Paul Lamere and the Echo Nest for their work.

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