Metallica to rock Target Center this October


An October 13 show date might be a long way off, but their jaw dropping late-2008 release Death Magnetic (yes, we'll gladly stick up for it) is loud enough, deep enough and fast enough to sustain you through the dog days of summer.

To boot, it appears the metal gods finally got around to watching Some Kind Of Monster-- those buzzcut, southern rock pantywaists that made Load and St. Anger are gone. It is, once more, time to shred.

Judging by the pre-show huddle, James Hetfield has been listening to his Tony Robbins tapes.

Okay, bassist Robert Trujillo seems a little out of place in his hairnets and b-ball jerseys. But, as with all bands of a certain age, Metallica is best enjoyed with your eyes closed. And with eyes closed, Metallica can still pound a double kick and hammer those hammerons.

For anyone who was there in the late 80s and saw Metallica tour Justice at the height of their powers, this third-act tour probably won't deliver. But come on. That's a nastily high bar to set, even if they did set it themselves. You can't always expect the master to beat his own high score, can you?

October 13, Target Center, Metallica. Tickets on-sale April 4.