Metallica, Newsted to reunite at Hall of Fame induction


Fuckin' A right, brah. Metallica with Newsted (far left).

It's been a good 365 for Metallica. Another sell-out world tour, a return to thrashing proper on 2008's Death Magnetic, a rousing, intimate performance at SXSW, so on, so forth. And now the news that, on April 4, Metallica will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an honor made yet a touch dubious by the fact that Flea, the bassist from Red Hot Chili Peppers, will conduct the ceremony.

The two word cue for every metal fan to go take a leak-- bass solo. Newsted, 1993.

The induction itself is rather ho-hum stuff. But the saving grace here is that Jason Newsted, who replaced Cliff Burton on bass guitar after Burton's tragic death in 1986, will join the band at the induction.

Metallica has made a nasty habit of burning bridges as they go along, a scorched Earth policy that has left people like Newsted and Dave Mustaine before him, charred in their wake. Mustaine has toned down his bitter whining some as the years have progressed, and as his own wallet has been fattened by his success in Megadeth.

But it's nice to know that James and Lars still have a bit of human blood coursing through their beins. Newsetd always seemed like such an affable, friendly lad. Hate to think of him as the whipping boy. In any case, here's hoping metal's fantastic four will pose for on last Pushead portrait at the hall.