'Member when some kid sang Atmosphere on Australian Idol and got called the devil?

Kid was feeling Atmosphere's "Scapegoat"

Kid was feeling Atmosphere's "Scapegoat"

Atmosphere MC Slug was feeling nostalgic today, as we're all inclined to do every #ThrowbackThursday. The Minneapolis rap great tweeted out a clip that deserves far more than 38 YouTube views:  
— atmosphere (@atmosphere) March 31, 2016 In the video, posted below, we see a supremely turnt Aussie kid — "I think his name was Matthew Grove-Jones," Australian Idol judge Ian "Dicko" Dickson  recalls — rap-shouting Atmosphere classic "Scapegoat" in the audition round for Idol

Judge Marcia Hines was not feeling it, scolding Grove-Jones with the following: "We're looking for an Australian idol — we're not looking for an Australian devil, you know what I'm saying? What's that? What was that? Life is a gift. Life is truly a gift. And you're just far too young to be angry. Take those words away with you." 

Judges Dickson and Mark Holden were impressed by the 17-year-old, however, with Dicko concluding, "[you] could be a fantastic beat poet." 

We agree! The kid rules. 

"Scapegoat" appeared on Atmosphere's 1997 debut, Overcast!. Here's the non-Aussie, non-a capella version: