Megan & Liz: We're quote-unquote good role models

Megan & Liz: We're quote-unquote good role models
KayKay Bailey

Megan and Liz Mace are like your two best girlfriends from back when you were still an innocent young thing, able to cure your broken heart with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a girls'-night-in screening of Titanic. The 20-year-old fraternal twin sisters and former high school cheerleaders have been making high-energy pop songs together since they were wee teenagers, and over the years, the duo -- known simply as Megan & Liz -- has developed quite a following.

The girls have done a good job of keeping their image as wholesome American sweethearts going strong. The twins are fresh off a partnership with Macy's, where they toured through a slew of U.S. cities representing the Macy's brand American Rag. Now, Megan & Liz are pushing forward on their first headlining tour in preparation for their soon-to-be-released debut album, Look What You Started.

If the girls' music videos (they have dozens, some with over three million hits) are any indication of what's to come on Look What You Started, we can expect some good old-fashioned girl-power-pop. Gimme Noise caught up with Megan & Liz -- who have gotten massive KDWB love lately -- ahead of their gig this evening at the Triple Rock to talk about what's next for them and how Liz has a secret fear of octopi.

Gimme Noise: Tell me about your new album, Look What You Started. Do you have a release date yet? What does it sound like?

Liz: We don't know a release date at the moment, but we're hoping for August. The sound overall is very organic, but very, very pop-heavy songs... But there's other songs that sound like a country song, so there's definitely a very good mix.

I know you relocated from your native Michigan to Nashville to make this album. Do you feel like the Nashville sound influenced your music?

Megan: Definitely. We love Nashville and we love country music, and being around it, we got a lot of inspiration. A lot of our music started to sound more and more country, and then we relocated to L.A., which is where we live now, and started writing a lot more pop songs. It's definitely a nice combination.

I understand you worked with Max Martin (Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Britney Spears) for this album. What did Max bring to the table?

Megan: Max is, first of all, one of the sweetest guys I've ever met, and one of the most talented guys I've ever met. He hears music on an entirely different level from anyone else. He'll play these melodies that are just insane, like so cool... he's great. We love him.

You guys are twins. You've been performing together all your lives. What is the songwriting dynamic like?

Liz: Songwriting for us... it's different every time. Megan and I, we take inspiration from real life and from each other, and every writing session is kind of different, and sometimes I'll have a concept and sometimes Megan will write a song on her own and bring it back to me and we'll work on it together. We keep it interesting.

Do you guys ever get sick of each other?

Megan: First of all, we're twin sisters. We're 20 years old. We definitely get into it sometimes, but it's never like "I hate you." It's never like anything huge and dramatic, but it definitely happens, because we live together and we work together.

You were recently on a very long cross-country road trip for Macy's. You toured through Nashville, Detroit, Miami, New Orleans, Austin, Los Angeles, Seattle, and NYC. Do you have any fun stories to share? What was the most interesting thing you saw?

Megan: [Laughing] We discovered that Liz has this hidden fear of octopuses. She started crying when she saw a dead one. I was laughing. But yeah... that was at the Seattle fish market.

You guys have a super pop-rich sound, and you have a strong teen female following. Do you ever feel the responsibility that comes with having the attention of such a young and impressionable audience?

Megan: We definitely feel it, but the image that we portray is really how we are as people. We're not partiers, we don't drink every weekend. We're very laid back, chill 20-year-olds. We love to bake and hang out with our friends and go out to eat. We never feel like we have to hide anything, which is nice. We're very open. That's who we are as people, and we like that we're quote-unquote good role models, because in today's society, there's not necessarily a big enough handful of them. It makes us feel good to know that we're doing that.

Megan & Liz are playing the Triple Rock Social Club tonight with special guests Kalin and Myles. 5 p.m. All ages. $15. Info here

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