Meeting Charlie Parr doc and soundtrack out this fall

A still from Meeting Charlie Parr
A still from Meeting Charlie Parr

Earlier this year, a Kickstarter-style project raised the needed support and awareness for a documentary celebrating Duluth folk and blues legend Charlie Parr. Created by a French filmmaking group called the Meeting Team, the 60-minute Meeting Charlie Parr premiered at the Duluth-Superior Film Festival. Soon it will be available for Parr fanatics to own. 

"This movie is the fruit of moments spent with Charlie, at home, in his daily life, on the road and during concerts in Duluth, Northfield and Minneapolis," the filmmakers say. "These three gigs are summed up into a live album that we offer as a reward."

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For a taste of how the project turned out, here's a teaser of the film.

Meeting Charlie Parr - Teaser II from meetingcharlieparr on Vimeo.

"Oddly, while sitting in the standing-room-only theater, watching the premier, it didn't immediately register that the soundtrack, comprised of (excerpts of) live recordings taken during the filming, was so damn good that it would be a crime against humanity to not do something with it," Chaperone Records' Bob Monahan says. "So, with Charlie's blessing, and after some negotiation, and a bit of caressing, we did something."

Although this was reportedly a campaign that Parr himself tried to discourage Chaperone Records from donating to at one point, he came around. This live album, titled I Dreamed I Met Paul Bunyan Last Night by Parr, has been assembled on a 42-minute LP in a package with a DVD of the fillm, and an MP3 download card featuring the "complete soundtrack" of 13 songs. Chaperone is putting it out on September 24, and preorders are available here.

Here is the psychedelic album art:

Meeting Charlie Parr doc and soundtrack out this fall

Charlie Parr will perform a release show for the documentary and soundtrack at Hymie's Vintage Records at 5 p.m. on Sunday, September 29. Ben Weaver will also perform. The event is all-ages and free! Info here.

Meeting Charlie Parr doc and soundtrack out this fall

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