Meet your Bassgasm DJs, Vol. 2: Heavygrinder, Keith Mackenzie, and Christian Bruna (MP3s)

It's almost that time, bass fanatics. Woody McBride's second takeover of First Avenue in six months goes down in just one week. Next Friday, more than 60 DJs will descend upon the club and play some of the funkiest, ear-splitting, heavens-opening tracks known (or not known) to man for nearly 10 hours. For most people, this sounds like hell on Earth, but for a certain group in the Midwest, bound by years of partying in dirty warehouses together, this is simply bliss. Last week, we introduced you to 3 DJs on the roster, and this week we're bringing you another three, something we'll do all next week leading up to the big day (July 23). Oh, and one other thing: Gimme Noise has THIRTEEN PAIR of tickets to the show to give away next week, so if you want to go, stay tuned. For now, it's time to meet the sexy one called Heavygrinder, Chi-Town's own Keith Mackenzie, and NYC's longtime favorite, Christian Bruna ...

Jolly green DJ
Jolly green DJ

Getting to know... HEAVYGRINDER

Free Downloadable mix: "Lethal Injection"

1. Groove Armada - Paper Romance feat. French Soler
2. Nylon Pink - Fluff (Audiostalkers & HeavyGrinder Remix)
3. D.H.S. - House of God (Electric Soulside Remix)
4. De Bos - On the Run (Ralvero Get Down Remix)
5. The Cat - Ain't No Disco Music feat. Ninelives
6. Stupid Fresh - Ghetto Electro
7. DJ Fixx - Shake It feat. Sporty-O (Electric Soulside Remix)
8. Discotech - IMMIA
9. Owl City -Fireflies (Mightyfools Remix)
10. Punk Rolla - Upside Down
11. Mastiksoul - Taking Me Hi feat Zoey (Bingo Players_Remix)
12. Tocadisco - Better Run feat. Nadia Ali (Afrojack Remix)
13. Major Lazer ft. Afrojack - How I like It (Beatauce Remix)
14. Nadastorm Rework - Make Some Noise
15. Vandalism & Angger Dimas - She Got It (Curtis B Edit)
16. Kid Kaio - Hey
17. Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok (KraftyKuts Rerub)
18. Gooseflesh - Dodgems (Cyberpunkers Remix)
19. Fenech Soler - Lies (WolfChild Remix)
20. Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheers (Kids At The Bar Remix)
21. Cyberpunkers - OMG
22. Jason DeRulo - Watcha Say (Rusko Come Ere And Say That Remix)

Gimme Noise: How's 2010 treating you?
Heavygrinder: It's been well. Have been playing in different states and working on more releases and working on including my own vocals on tracks.

What's your favorite memory of Minneapolis?
Headlined an all female dj party with DJ Heather a few years ago and had a blast. Really looking forward to that great crowd that appreciates the music. It's an honor to be featured along side with many of the artists on the line up.

Do you miss record shopping now that the industry has gone digital?
Yes, I definitely miss record shopping but the digitalization has made it a lot easier for us to get the tracks that we want.

Give us your favorite quote from someone who will inspire us:
"Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music." -Jimi Hendrix

Thoughts on trends in the EDM scene right now?
I have noticed the decline in the house scene... as I use to play morevstraight house music and dnb.  Have also noticed the sudden rise in the dubstep scene. Kids love it.

Yeah but can you catch a fly in those
Yeah but can you catch a fly in those

Getting to know... KEITH MACKENZIE

Free Downloadable Mix:

Current Top 10 Chart:
1. Sporty-O - Booty Jiggle
2. DJ Icey - Seville
3. Nylon Pink - Fluff
4. Sandro Silva - Blaze
5. DJ Fixx and Sporty-O - Shake It Sporty
6. Sidney Samson - The World Is Yours
7. Ill DJ Chris B and DJ Icey - What We Do
8. Kultur and Colombo - 123 Breakbeat
9. Deekline and Dustin Hulton featuring Sporty-O - Apple Bottom
10. Curtis B and Whiskey Pete - Keep on Movin'

How is 2010 treating you?
It's been excellent so far!  I've gotten to play at some really great places this year including London, Rome, Cadiz (Spain), Hawaii and more!  I've been keeping super busy with my label "illeven eleven" putting out about 4 releases per quarter.

What are your current creative projects?
As a label, we have an album from ATL phenom rapper Sporty-O called "International Wingman" coming out in mid July.  It has productions from some of the biggest names in Electro, Breaks and Dubstep in the package.  For myself,  Ive been doing alot of work with DJ Fixx and Curtis B and have about 5-6 things slated to come out before the end of 2010.  Also working on a breaks meets electro meets house and techno mix with my boy Serch from here in the CHI

What's your next production release?
A remix of LaZRtag's song that they did with Whiskey Pete on the vocals called "Young Hollywood"  coming out on my label "illeven eleven"  I did the remix with Curtis B.

Have you been to Minneapolis before?
This will be first time and Im really looking forward to it!  Ive heard only good things about the scene in Minneapolis. Im super excited that Bassgasm will be my first party there, and judging by all the hype around it, it looks as though Minneapolis knows how to get down! Additionally, breaks do not get that much exposure in the midwest so Im glad to bring my flavor there.

Are you influenced by any Twin Cities artists?
I used to buy Freddy Fresh records back in the day =)

How do you feel about the industry going digital?
I for sure miss record shopping, the feel of vinyl and the sound as well.  However, Im cool with the industry going digital.  I like playing/doing re-edits of stuff and this is not stuff that we used to do back when we played vinyl.  if we did a re-edit of something and wanted to play it, we would have to get dubplates and it takes time and money!  Now, I can re-edit a song in the hotel the night of and play it immediately Dubplates  were fun though!  I definitely miss vinyl but am content DJing digitally.

Dark. Brooding. Bruna.
Dark. Brooding. Bruna.

Getting to know ... CHRISTIAN BRUNA

Free Downloadable Mix: "Kiss The Future"

Top 10 Chart:
01. Kabuki feat. Jeru The Damaja - Watch Your Step - V Recordings
02. Christian Bruna - Imagine That - Liquid Brilliants
03. Netsky - Eyes Closed - Allsorts
04. Kabuki feat. Jenna G - Just Hold On (Serum Remix) - V Recordings
05. Camo & Krooked feat. Tali - Verve - Audio Porn
06. Eveson - Found A Groove - Liquid V
07. Dave Owen - Still Waters - Influence Records
08. Eveson - So Fine- Liquid V
09. Camo & Krooked - History of The Future - Audio Porn
10. Gridlok - Bottomfeeder - Project 51 Recordings

Gimme Noise: How is 2010 treating you?
Christian Bruna: Not bad, I'm alive and well. My family and children are healthy, and I feel like it's the early 90's again, in more than one way. I've been doing things that I've enjoyed since I was a youngster, recreational activities such as painting (graffiti), and skateboarding. I'm feeling very positive in regards to this second phase of my life.

Why do you think you were booked to play Bassgasm 2?
The experience and knowledge based on years of doing my thing here in NYC. The competition is fierce and many people succeed, but come and go. Very few can stand the test of time. Looking forward to Woody's parties and seeing how the Mid-West brings it!

What kind of vibe are you playing this summer?
I'm basically trying to cram in some of the best Jungle/D&B from the last 15 years or so into one power-packed roller coaster of a ride. In the wise words of the infamous KRS-ONE, "Edutainment" is how I'd best describe it.

Which artists are you inspired by lately?
Camo & Krooked, Netsky, Serum, Mutated Forms, Savage Rehab, and others...

What do you think has changed most about the scene over the last 5-10 years?
The word Rave is practically non-existent. Promoters, press, and the media are using the word "Festivals" more and more, as opposed to the word "Rave" and its negative connotations. EDM genres are being mixed up more than ever, even crossing over into Jam Bands and more live pa's.

How do you feel about the industry going digital?
I think it's great since I get most of my music sent to me from all over the world via AIM. I already have too much vinyl and wouldn't know what to do with it if I kept buying. I do miss the act of buying and sellingrecords at a record shop. I used to work at the now defunct Satellite Records here in NYC for many, many years.

Tell us your favorite quote.
I don't know who said it first, but it's my favorite. "Feel The Force, Don't Force The Feel."

Meet your Bassgasm DJs, Vol. 2: Heavygrinder, Keith Mackenzie, and Christian Bruna (MP3s)

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